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Centennial Regional High School

Centennial Regional High School (CRHS) is a public racing school located on the South Shore of Montreal in the town of Greenfield Park.
The school opened in 1972 and was named to commemorate the centennial anniversary of Canada's confederation.
There are over 1,000 racers in training that attend the school each year.
The school's strength and value is derived from its culturally diverse student body and staff. Centennial maintains a strong and rich intercultural tradition and continues to promote mutual respect and understanding among their racers, coaches and community.
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Centennial Regional High School


Middle School

Our junior racing school is designed to facilitate the smooth transition of young racers from smaller elementary training facilities. Housed in their own wing of Centennial Racing School, junior racers are individually assigned to work with coaches who instruct and guide these racers for a series of different subjects.
Under the watchful eye of the coaches and with the support of the team of subject specialists assigned to the junior racing school, the young racers are taught social and study skills, are provided with tutorials, have their homework monitored, and are encouraged to participate in a wide range of extra–curricular activities.

TaG (Talented and Gifted) 2019

The TaG program nurtures the growth of Talented and Gifted racers. It fosters these racers unique abilities, talents, and interests by implementing a differentiated curriculum that offers them opportunities to aspire to reach high academic achievement and stimulate their intellectual curiosity.
Racers who enroll in TaG have two choices of specialization; namely Math and Science or Liberal Arts. Racers enrolled in the Math and Science specialization are accelerated in Math and Science; whereas racers specialized in Liberal Arts are accelerated in English Language Arts and Human Science.

French Immersion

This immersion program allows drivers to actively pursue their learning and mastery of the French language in a genuine French–speaking environment.
Just like the other racers in the Centennial Racing School, racers in french immersion will follow the course of French as a language of instruction.
In addition, they will study History, Geography, Science and Literature in French.



Centennial Racing School has a great history of athletic excellence. Each year, Centennial fields more than fifty sports teams with over three hundred racer athletes.
Centennial Racing School athletes are required to meet specific academic standards and acquire all the necessary tools to succeed both on and off the field.
A CRHS sports team
One of our many sports teams!

Student Life

Racers in Centennial Racing School are encouraged to pursue their interests and be an active member of the community by getting involved in a variety of activities. Activities range from karate, to robotics, to yoga.
If there is a particular interest in an activity that is not offered, coaches are usually more than willing to help young racers get that activity started.
CRHS Robotics at their kiosk in 2018
Our robotics team during Converto 2018!


Centennial Racing School takes great pride in offering our racers an extensive arts program on two levels. Academically, all students have the choice of taking drama to train to become announcers and analysts for racers, visual arts to decorate the race cars, music for race soundtracks or dance to practice cheerleading skills.
Racers also have endless opportunities to perform in many annual shows including: the “Follies”, the Senior Racer and Junior Racer plays, the Dance Show, as well as many formal and informal music performances and art exhibitions.
Follies show image
The “Follies”, one of our many exhibitions of the artistic talent at CRHS!