Robot Conception


Vertigoal speedway is a high intensity race on 5 levels. The goal: get the most amount of points possible by launching game pieces in targets in a 5 minute heat. To be successful, the max size racer of 36” × 36” × 36” racer must successfully:
  • Drive up 1 ½” and 3” stairs.
  • Pick up game pieces from the floor.
  • Store game pieces.
  • Sort coloured game pieces.
  • Launch game pieces into different targets.
Meet the rubik.


The chassis is constructed mainly with lightweight 30 mm × 30 mm of aluminum extrusion.

Drive system

The drive system consists of 4 × 8” VEXpro Mecanum Wheels wheels run by four banebot motors powered by two 12V drill batteries and a 7.2V Vex Battery.

Pickup system

The pickup system is a conveyor belt inspired system that incorporates 3” Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene pipe and ½” Aluminum VersaHub with ⅛” Keyway with a 13” × 60” Abrasive Grit Conditioning Belt, and a powered by a black DC gear motor with spindle.

Storage system

The storage system is made of lightweight corrugated fiberboard.
The rectangular hopper can hold up to 75 tennis balls.

Sorting system

The sorting system is composed of two vex light sensors which use a photocell to detect light, with one having a red filter on it. The color filters make it possible to differentiate between the coloured tennis balls in any light conditions.

Launching system

The launching system is designed around two 5” × 1 ¼” Colson wheels powered by two banebot motors angled at 80°. As the game pieces enter the launching system, they are projected by the two wheels into the desired target.