Vertigoal 2019 | The Race

The main component of the CRC Robotics Series Cup, the race allows for each respective racing school to demonstrate their car design, construction, as well as their strategic racing skills.


Each race will see two teams racing against one another, the yellow and blue teams. Each team is composed of two cars and their drivers, which will change from race to race.


This year's track will resemble a staircase and is composed of five equal sections positioned on different horizontal levels. Thus, level 1 is the lowest level and level 5 is the highest. Starting zones are located on levels 1, 3, and 5.

Game pieces

This year, in their race to collect the most points, drivers will compete to obtain colored tennis balls. Each driver can preload his or her car with a maximum of 10 game pieces (GPs) of their team colour.

Scoring points

Once the race begins, drivers maneuver their cars across the track to place their GPs in the targets located on the track. There are two different target types located on the race track. The first target is a trapezoidal prism and is located on level 3. GPs in the trapezoidal prism are worth 10 points.
The second target is a multilevel target and is located on levels 2 and 4. GPs in the bottom level are worth 20 points, and GPs in the top level are worth 40 points.
To obtain additional GPs, teams’ drivers must race to obtain game pieces from one of 5 dispensers dispersed across the track. Dispensers located on level 1 and 4 are team specific and contain 15 GPs of the team's colour. In order to remove the GPs from the team specific dispensers, drivers must be able to activate the mechanism found on level 1 in order to release the GPs from the tube-shaped dispensers.
The final dispenser, a common dispenser, is found on level 5. Drivers must activate the plinko style tilting dispenser by pulling a rope to drop 20 GPs of each colour and 2 red GPs.
Red GPs are not worth any points, however they act as a multiplier. If at least 1 red GP is located in a target at the end of a race, then the value of all the GPs inside that target are doubled. If both red GPs are in the same target, then the value is still only doubled. Any GP found on the track can be taken by any team, regardless of which dispenser or car it previously came from. For example, if a blue team’s driver removes a GP from a blue dispenser and this driver inadvertently drops the GP, it can then be picked up by any driver on the yellow or blue team. If the blue or yellow team picks up the other teams GPs, they cannot be stored in the car in order to keep the other team from scoring. The final score will be assessed at the end of each race.