About us

Centennial Regional High School (CRHS) is a co-ed athletics institution in the city of Greenfield Park, just south of the greatest sport’s capital, Montreal. The school opened in 1972 with the intention of creating the most outstanding roster of all time. There are over 1,000 athletes training constantly every year. Centennial maintains a strong and rich intercultural tradition and continues to promote respect and open-mindedness among its students, staff, and community. Housing an award-winning library, 8 science labs, 6 workshops, creative and performing arts wings, 4 gymnasiums and a total of 80 excellent teachers, the school is prepared to give its athletes the best facilities in order to achieve success!

Middle School

The Junior Athletics Program (commonly known as “middle school”) is designed to introduce the concept of high school and improve the transition of young athletes from elementary training facilities to the senior level. Junior athletes are assigned core teachers based on their preferred way of learning, ensuring more effective student-teacher communication, and a more successful if not pleasant experience at this academy. The core teachers will often accommodate their curriculums for an athletes' specific needs, as perhaps it's difficult for this student to understand. The young learners are provided with many educational resources such as tutors and are heavily encouraged to participate in a wide assortment of extracurricular activities.


The Talented and Gifted (T.a.G) Programs, unique to this school, are specifically designed to provide an accelerated set of courses for our athletes. The T.a.G program is divided in two, with T.a.G. Math & Science option and T.a.G Liberal Arts option. In the T.a.G. Math & Science option, students are taught math and science courses one year in advance and will be taking CEGEP courses while in their last year of high school, providing them with an advantage in their studies. The T.a.G. Liberal Arts option is an enriched program that focuses on the Arts and Social Sciences, offering young minds many exclusive opportunities to study and discuss a variety of historic, social and political issues. Both curriculums serve to develop analytical and critical thinking.

French Immersion

The immersion program at Centennial allows athletes to pursue a French language diploma in courses that meet the same competencies and requirements as the Ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement Supérieur. Just like a student at a French school, athletes in French Immersion will attend courses in French such as History, Geography, Science and Literature. However, the curriculum still includes an English course at the level of your choice.


It is often said that Centennial breathes sports, with over 300 athletes actively participating in any one of our 50 esteemed sports teams. Sports are a crucial part of the learning experience, which is why we maintain a large array of sports programs such as soccer, hockey, basketball, golf, and curling! No doubt their achievements are because of the abilities of the athletes themselves, but credit is certainly due to the outstanding coaches. Holding a total of 6 Phys Ed and Health teachers partnered with 4 gyms, Centennial is well equipped in its athletics department. Furthermore, there are many other teachers with sporting experience who offer their services in coaching. With good preparation, hard work and determination, these sports teams consistently excel. Often, the Centennial students proudly carry home a banner.


Although Centennial is an institution for sports, we’re proud to offer an excellent set of fine arts programs. Athletes are asked to choose one of the four offered courses: art, drama, dance, or music. Each option pushes students to grow and excel in their chosen fields. In all the programs there have been many successes and achievements. The teachers for each of the arts have always continued to improve their respective programs to the best of their ability. We also offer the chance for students to participate in our long list of annual shows, including the Follies, Dance Show, Junior Play, Senior Play, and many more!

Student Life

The school of Centennial is run with the belief that a student's success is not only measured in the classroom; therefore, we offer a large variety of extracurricular activities to choose from and participate in. The athletes are encouraged to join in or even create their own clubs, and they do so simply by talking to the faculty, who will then help them to make their vision a reality. There is a place for everyone at Centennial, including clubs for robotics, yoga, art, reading, singing and much more. Students also have access to counselling and many other resources to help them achieve success socially, academically, and of course, in their sport.