One of the most important parts of the robot is how we plan on interacting with the various actuators on the playing field. The robot team discussed multiple types of arms that will accomplish this task. I took part in making one of the arms. It was one of the more simple and straight-forward ideas we came up with: a simple arm of extrusion that would go up and down in the centre of the robot.

As mentioned before, this arm is very simple in design and in use, which makes it easy to construct and fix if it were to malfunction or break, since there aren’t many moving parts to the arm. Since it is metal and one solid piece, it won’t break and will be able to take quite a bit of punishment. However, since it is one piece and it is quite long, it can potentially make the robot hard to control when the arm is down. The robot is very light, so the arm can offset its balance, so we will need to add extra weight onto the robot to prevent it from falling over.

In the end, we are all hard at work on the robot to make sure it is working the best that it can and that it does the best it can during the competition.