After a couple days of thinking, the time had come to begin prototyping. After the kickoff, the robot team split into small teams to try and create small scale prototypes in order to determine which ones would best suit the robot for Flip 2020. My teammate and good friend Joshua decided to work with me to devise a rack and pinion system, which would ideally be used as an arm extension to reach out and press actuators across the stage. Initially, we made a small vex frame in which three pieces of vex were used, arranged in a U-shape, with the rack sliding out the middle of the U, about a foot long. After a bit of experimentation and thinking, we determined that the prototype would be difficult to mount and easily breakable. Our thought process was that if we used the rack and pinion system as merely an extension, and then used the drive system to ram the switches, the plastic ridges on the rack may snap off, rendering the rack completely useless. As such, we decided to pursue and expand upon a prototype conceived by Samir, who would eventually be joined by Josh as we moved on to different projects.