The robot room; the room where the robot gets built and programmed. To be completely honest this is probably the room that is the least organized in Centennial Regional High School. Nobody ever cleans up after themselves in there. At the beginning of every school year our mentors tell us that we should clean up the room. But one week after it gets cleaned it goes back to it’s original mess. Prototypes are scattered around the room, with a frame for a robot in the middle of our workspace, and nobody knows what other people in the team are working on.

This is my third year of robotics at Centennial and I have never seen the robot room be somewhat clean for more than 2 weeks. People are working on different things and when they leave, nothing gets put away. Sometimes when they come back the next week, their prototype gets moved from where they left it. This is why half of the time that we’re working, we’re looking around for pieces.