As part of this robotics competition, the CRC has demanded us to prove our ability to program via 15 problems of increasing difficulty. I, with my fellow programmer Mr. Zaman, stepped up to face this challenge and prove ourselves worthy of participating in the grand competition. Needless to say, we were unprepared. Yet we weren’t going to allow this monumental challenge to stop us. Through many hours of headaches, angry mutterings and whispered swears, we were done. We had completed the first question.

The both of us had agreed to pursue the problem separately, ending up with 2 different solutions to the issues presented to us. After already having experimented with it before, he chose to use language of Python to accomplish his needs. I chose what I thought would have been a fun and simple route, based off my experience with the old drag and drop RobotC VEX programming system. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I chose to teach myself, in under 3 months, C++. I chose wrong. You see, it turns out that C++ is not beginner friendly. Sure, the basics aren’t too bad, you’ll be whipping up simple programs full of “if”s, “else”s, “while”s and “for”s. Then you’ll execute your little creation, watching it output it’s first “hello world!”. You excitedly watch the output window, then you see it: ERROR. ERROR. ERROR. ERROR. Did you really think it would be so easy? Oh no, no, no, no, see, you forgot a single SEMI-COLON. A SINGLE ONE, RUINING EVERYTHING YOU’VE CREATED. But that’s not too bad, a simple adjustment and it works. But that is only the beginning, Soon enough you will discover a magical set of words: Object Oriented Programming. C++’s favourite system. If mastered, it can be a powerful tool to complete just about any task a program can be asked. For the rest of us, it’s a confusing mess of “class”s and “public”s and “friend”s.

But then, after hours of bashing your head into your keyboard, after hours of google searches to obscure forums, after hours of begging the C++ masters, take a look at the spaghetti you’ve spouted onto your screen, it works. It just works, perfectly. 10/10 language would suffer again.