Centennial’s robotics team. A glorious team to be on. It’s my first year being a part of the team. As a rookie who is graduating I kind of regret not joining the team earlier on. It is quite the experience. Every Wednesday from 4-6 pm I am joyfully experimenting with code. The life is great. Sitting behind the computer learning how to code is the purpose of my existence. I am an amateur programmer with a passion, a passion to excel in programming. That passion is being explored through the days, the minutes, the seconds at being in the robotics room at CRHS. I live and breathe code. Through passion hard work and perseverance, I am trying to make it from rags (where I am right now) to riches (where I will be in the future). The language python is what I use to do the problems presented by the CRC. My boss and senior programmer in CRHS Duncan is working with the language C++, he is sooo cool. Him and I are working on solving these monstrous questions with different languages. Sitting next to Duncan is a lifetime dream, he’s a real expert.

To start programming I started by looking into video’s on “Introduction to Programming” and I loved watching each and every single second of learning how to code. I stared off by learning how to print: “Hello World” and now I can actually answer the questions made by the CRC through code. Well that’s my story from rags to riches. I hope this inspires you to learn how to code through Python and hopefully join the CRC robotics.