Already, my third and last year of the CRC with CRHS has arrived. It seems only mere moments ago I was beginning to work on the first ever site I would create for them. The things I have accomplished since then with my proceeding sites would dumbfound the old me, who could've never imagined reaching the level I'm at today.

I recall quite vividly the anxiety I felt during my first year, where I struggled to even begin to create a website, trying to make everything from scratch because I felt like using a CSS template like Bootstrap would be dishonorable. Of course, when I had only a few weeks left until submission and all I had was a navbar, I couldn't exactly keep that mindset. I ended up receiving help from a web mentor and completed in right on time (phew!). With his help, we won 2nd place in web design that year!

During the second year, still a team of one, I decided to push the boundaries by building upon the Bootstrap framework and adding my own tweaks. My web mentor, busier with college, ended up leaving me on my own mostly for this project, however I was set enough that I could continue it alone with minimal support. And by some miracle, that was the year I won 1st place in web design. I was through the roof; I couldn't believe I was able to accomplish such a feat.

Now, my third year in, I'm keeping my aim high for 1st place. So far, my main innovations have been on the back-burner, adding new templates for repetitive content and parts as well as a categorization system for articles (using cookies and “GET” with PHP). So much to do, it’s both anxiety-inducing as well as thrilling!