The team of web/journalism is the combination of both web design and the documentation of events in Centennial’s Robotics. It’s here that the content of the website is produced, as well as all the coding making up its structure.

Currently we’ve established the backbone of the website, and the focus now is on adding features which improve the interface and its user-friendliness. Work is continuing for the French version, and recently a togglable theme changer was created and added to the site, which simply allows the user to switch between a light and dark theme by clicking a button located on the bottom left of the screen. We’ve produced only a few articles, mainly recording the beginning phases of each group. Every team has written an article, including us, but as time moves forward, and many different tasks are completed in all the different teams, the archive of journals will exponentially grow.

We plan to write 15 articles now, from different people on different teams, each one explaining briefly what they’re doing and what they’ve done. With our many members, the idea is to show many varied views and accounts of the project and painting a colorful picture of what it’s like.