As the years go by and the CRC competition continues, it’s important to look back at some of the students who played a big role in the robotics team at Centennial and look at their contributions here and take a look at where they are now. For this edition of Robotics Alumni, we’ll be looking at Shaan Baig (19), a graduate of Centennial that has made a big name for himself from his various science fair projects and his recognition as one of the most influential teens which will take place in New York City.

The way Shaan first got his start was through his various science fair projects that started here at CRHS in grade 9 and worked his way up to the international level and has been to places all over the world. His most recent project has gotten him the most attention. He developed a novel minimally invasive molecular probe for the early diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. His research led him to representing team Canada at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. He has presented his research around the world from Abu Dhabi to Taiwan. Most recently, he was invited to present his research at Harvard University at the national college research conference, the first time a first-year undergraduate student will be presenting at this prestigious conference.

Through his journeys in the field of science, he realized the good he could do and the people he could help get a start in STEM fields. So he founded Young Scientists & Innovators (YSI) to help teens discover their untapped potential and provide them with the know-how to make their ideas happen. YSI has helped teens produce innovations ranging from treatments for fatal diseases to sustainable energy systems, many of which have advanced research in their respective fields. Shaan’s own innovations have received impressive awards at science fairs such as the Canada-Wide Science Fair, Sanofi Biogenius Competition, Expo-Science International, Taiwan International Science Fair, Google Science Fair and most recently, the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. He has spoken on global stages like TEDxGleneagle in Vancouver and Cooperation 2019 alongside Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield. Shaan hopes to continue creating a global, diverse community of youth who use STEM to try and fix some of the important issues we face in the modern day.