There are roughly two weeks until most of my work as a journalist is due. As usual, things are becoming increasingly tense as our deadline nears. You can feel the anxiety heavy in the air, and the constant pressure weighing on every member of the Centennial Robotics Team. As for me and my team, web/journalism, there is a silence felt in the air of the workspace. A silence dominating the room, only interrupted by the strenuous tapping of keys on a keyboard, as everyone rushes to proofread, edit, and translate each document before the deadline arrives.

Obviously, we could have been more prepared, but it comes down to a couple of things. As a journalist you’re given the task of writing articles, but we are just as much responsible for getting other people from other teams to put their experiences and their information on paper. To everyone’s surprise, the people we asked had many things to do and were very busy with their own work, and so it was in great reluctance that they sat down to write their pieces. Some of them were dedicated and well written, while others radiated sloppiness and indolence, and it was up to me to decide whether the work had any worth, any value that could be salvaged through my editing and my sheer will.

In no way do I blame them, however, because it’s only in our nature that our work comes first. Besides, we already gathered quite a few willing writers, and right now we have amassed a solid 18 articles, a number equivalent of a small first year high school paper. It’s now time for a lengthy crusade, a shakedown on all the articles to see which ones will be displayed on the website. The authors may have some misspellings and whatnot, and it’s up to us to spot them in the fields of words written. Everyone is working hard with their own devices, and we’re pushing forward. One week to go.