This year was the year of the rookies who were just learning about robotics from the more senior members, and video team, my team, was no exception. With just one member of the team having experience, we were struggling with camera angles, lighting and the whole kit for the first week and a half. You may be wondering how such a wonderful video came from such amateurs...and there is not just a simple explanation. Throughout this article, we will dwell more into how video team managed to pull through despite early mishaps and mistakes.

First off, due to lack of communication, many clips had to be scraped and redone for multiple reasons. From beginner mistakes such as accidently knocking the camera mid-scene or having the cameraman stand in the lighting our mistakes forced us to stay far longer hours than we had initially anticipated. After many late nights, we finally finished the last scenes allowing us to focus on the edit of the video.

For all these newcomers, these failures were great learning opportunities. We have now learned all about multiple types of cameras, multiple types of lightings, and all the do’s and don'ts of filming a scene with a bunch of teenagers.