Flip 2020

This year's games in the National CRC Robotics League will demonstrate all co-ed athletic institutions the opportunity to show off their athletes and tactics.
There will be two teams, yellow and blue, with two robots. The players from each team will switch during heats.

Playing field

This year’s playing field is a single-level rectangle with two starting points for each team. The playing field includes two arches and two mushroom actuators, located equally on opposite sides of the field.

Game pieces

The game piece, this year, is a beanbag. There are two types of game pieces, red and black. The red GPs are dropped into play at a certain rate during the heat. Black GPs are dropped into play every time there is a power-up activation. Robots can’t touch GPs and there are no limits on the number of GPs on the playing field during the heats. GPs are on a conveyer belt moving in the direction of a bin in each conveyer period. The conveyer belt switches direction when there is a trigger of an actuater or the hinged board.

Scoring points

GPs are placed in the playing field by a dispenser. Red GPs are brought onto the middle of the conveyer at a specific rate, 4 seconds. Power-up activations only happens when a robot triggers their hinged board, resulting in changing the direction of the conveyer belt towards your bin. A team scores a point everytime a GP falls into their bin.

Red GPs are 20 points and black GPs are 200points each. Robots are required to trigger at least one actuator each heat. There are 5 different actuators:

  • The Chained Ball temporarily increases the rate of the GPs. See here.
  • The Mushroom temporarily increases the speed of the conveyer belt. There are two, so if you trigger the one farthest from your robot it will cause a larger increase. See here.
  • The twister stops the conveyer belt from moving or shortens the amount of time the GPs move. See here.
  • The hinged board can be triggered by a team only once to switch the direction of the conveyer belt. See here.
  • There will be arches and a metal ball will be attached to it, to recieve a power up you have to bring the ball to one side. To get another power up you have to bring the ball to the other side. See here.
Each actuator will be connected to a light, which lights up green, when you are able to use that actuator.

All pictures on this page from screenshots of CRC Robotics' Flip 2020 YouTube video .