Robot conception

Flip 2020 is a simple game designed around strategy. To be successful, teams will need a robot that:

  • Is mobile;
  • Can extend up to 36” past the edge of the game field;
  • Can knock down the carriage on the arch actuator;
  • Can launch the carriage from the bottom back over the top of the arch.
Meet: Fallax Rem!

The Chassis

A chassis constructed with 30 mm × 30 mm aluminum extrusion.

The drive system

The drive system consists of two 4” × 1 ¼” Colson Wheels. The Colson wheels are constructed with a thermoplastic rubber tread and a polypropylene core making them light weight and durable while providing excellent traction. The Colson wheels are run by two 64:1 banebot motors and are balanced with castors.

The extendable arm

To attack the mushroom actuators, an arm was constructed out of aluminum extrusion that starts upright, but that can descend to over 36” beyond the reach of the robot.

The rotational arm

To attack the carriage on the arch actuator an aluminum extrusion arm was attached to the 12Vdc Drive Electric worm gear Motor that can both knock the carriage down from the middle, as well as launch it back over the top.